I am Ivona

and I love what I do.

I am a UK-based English – Romanian language professional, working in the language industry for over 15 years.

I am the only Romanian linguist (that I know!) having three certifications from the Chartered Institute of Linguists London: DipTrans En-Ro, DPSI Health and DPSI English Law. I know how to pass an exam, and I can help others do it, too!

I thoroughly enjoy tutoring students for DPSI, I absolutely love translating legal documents, and I am an excellent legal interpreter.

How I got here:

  • Graduated Al I Cuza University of Iasi, Romania – Bachelors’ Degree in Economics-Pedagogy in 2000.
  • Moved to England in 2003, and whilst perfecting my English, worked in various jobs, including as a quality auditor for a potato crisps factory – yes, part of my job was to munch on crisps!
  • Started working and studying for my qualifications in translating and interpreting in 2006.
  • Obtained the DipTrans and DPSI Health in 2007, and the DPSI Law in 2008.
  • Worked in the private sector (electronic monitoring of offenders) in England, first as Control Room Operator, then as Breach Clerk, then as a Trials Clerk for many years, thus gaining knowledge in the criminal legal sector.
  • Assisted as officer in the English education sector, obtaining working knowledge of legislation involving children.
  • Started to help as a language tutor for Romanian DPSI Law students in 2010.
  • Interpreted, translated and proofread extensively for the public services and private companies.
  • Trained, tutored, assessed and examined colleagues in all my capacities.
  • I helped numerous DPSI, DPI, DCI and DipTrans interpreters obtain their qualifications for the English-Romanian examinations, and supported many students gaining the Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting.
  • Committed to CPD, by spending time in Romania each year for full-language immersion, and participating in numerous training sessions and conferences.
  • Participated and obtained the qualification in the very first course for Level 4 Interpreting for Victims of Crime with DPSI Online in 2020.
  • Vetted: DBS, NPPV3.
  • I work with Trados.
  • Chartered Linguist with the CIOL: CIOL member check , full NRPSI member, AIT member, ACIS associated member.

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