Verba volant, scripta manent - words fly away, writings remain

Are you a legal professional who is concerned your translated documents might be incorrect, affecting the legal proceedings and outcomes?

Are you worried that justice will not be delivered, or that your words might become famous for the wrong reasons?

I am a qualified native Romanian translator with over 15 years experience and extensive legal knowledge gained in England, and I will always deliver excellent quality translation and proofreading work.

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for English – Romanian translation or proofreading projects

Language Tutor

Vincit qui se vincit - he (she) conquers who conquers himself (herself)

Are you a bilingual Romanian – English speaker with a passion for interpreting, who loves to help others, and thinks it is time to start getting paid for the interpreting services?

Or, are you already an interpreter and would like to obtain formal qualifications to keep at the top of your game?

In the last few years, all students that had me as a language tutor from English-Romanian Examinations with the CIOL and DSPI Online, and who chose to sit their exams, were successful and became DPSI, DPI, DCI and DipTrans linguists. Since 2018, my pass rate as a tutor is 100% for the students who sat exams, on first try.

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for an assessment in regards to sitting an English-Romanian language exam


Verbatim et literatim - word for word and letter by letter

Are you in need of an interpreter who can help you bridge the language gap between Romanian and English?

I am a professional, confidential, unbiased, vetted Romanian-English interpreter, and I offer excellent services.

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for interpreting projects

Something else

Semper ad meliora - always towards better things

Are you looking for something that is different to what is listed here?

If a language service for Romanian-English is required but not listed, I may still be able to help, or I may know someone who can.

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